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Final Information on Team Pure Precision GTi

This work has been completed a while ago, apologies for just now sharing the work. The data will not be posted since it is proprietary to the team, however I can share some information and some of the post-processing work.

At first, we had to create a car model for the cfd work. We started off with just a plain GTi model and started work on making it resemble their current race car. I changed out the front bumper and added fender flares. I also modeled up the rear wing and located it on the car. The exact profile of the airfoil is proprietary so that cannot be shared, sorry. The wheels were then modeled up and placed on the car setting the ride height.



The car model was then analysed using CFD. Multiple runs were completed to capture the aero balance (with no splitter) at different rear wing angles. Different splitter designs were then analysed to meet the requested aero balance at a certain rear wing angle. Multiple iterations of different splitter designs were made and some tweaking was done on the final design. Then the aero balance and total downforce could be changed by adjusting the rear wing angle. This is not optimum, but it was a good choice for this type of race car.

Below is one of the options tested.It is a splitter with side plates. You can see the pressure plot on the car (red is high pressure, blue is low pressure) and velocity streamlines (red is high velocity, blue is low velocity).

hancha_003_w_h streamline_004_h



The last picture is of the final design. This design was chosen since it met the criteria for front downforce to achieve the aero balance requested and had the least amount of drag. The drag was decreased on this design since the entire front wheels are covered. This design is not perfect (what is?) and could be improved. Basically time ran out for improvements since the car had to start track testing.



Below is the car in its final form.




Midwest Tour

So I’ve been travelling the Midwest the past few days to visit some of our manufacturers.  First, I went to see our suspension parts being made.  They have a large facility with a lot of CNC 3 and 5 axis machines, lathes, mills, benders, water jet, and welding stations.  This is only about 1/3 of the whole shop floor.


IMG_8242They can do just about anything you can think of

IMG_8239Being able to do MIL-spec work, they are certified in just about every material, which shows in the stock they have

IMG_8243I have been discussing with them the idea of building our radiators and oil coolers.  They showed me the Denso core we would end up using for the FR-S/BRZ/GT86.

IMG_8245Then I went to visit our in autoclave composite manufacturer.  The tool for our SEW V2

IMG_8317Their large autoclave is 10’x20′, and is one of the largest in the country.

IMG_8312They work with teams at the highest levels of racing in the US as can be seen here

IMG_8326Since they had a bunch of defense projects laying around, I wasn’t able to take more pictures due to security reasons.  Then, I got to catch up with some of my old college friends and was told they were going to a 7 post rig test at ARC, so I watched that as well.

20130516_144147ARC also has a wind tunnel testing facility, but the team I was visiting didn’t have any wind tunnel time booked, so I didn’t get to see that.  Because the body panels were off the car and the guts were exposed, I couldn’t get any pictures of the car on the rig.  Sorry.  It’s been a very enlightening last few days, but I can’t wait to get back home tomorrow.