The Little Things


So we finally got our BRZ/FR-S/GT86 rear toe link prototypes back and I did some test fitting tonight.  Everything looked great


except for one small issue.  Like an idiot, I accidentally ordered the wrong size rod ends.  So I have to exchange them for the right size before I can test them on a car.  However, I still wanted to check the shank since it’s the most critical component of the part.


If the taper is off even slightly, it will move around in the knuckle and the shank will eventually break there.  I’m glad to report back, it was spot on and fit perfectly.  Unfortunately, Jimmy was taking pictures of me, rather than the shank.


One thing I did discover is that there is not enought room between the trailing arm and toe arm to build in bump steer adjustment into the shank.  Therefore the feature will be removed.  Doing a comparison of the OEM toe link vs. our toe link


IMG_8191I will test fit and test drive with the links on the car as soon as I can get the right rod ends.


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