Rear Anti-Roll Bar


We’ve been developing anti-roll bars for the BRZ/FR-S/GT86.  Unlike other anti-roll bars on the market, we’ve developed our rates based on driver feedback and reviews.  It seems as though the car has adequate roll stiffness from the factory, and once coilovers are installed, the ARB rate is sufficient.  This ARB is meant for cars with upgraded dampers and springs because the ARB that retains the OEM rate.  In the middle setting, the OEM rate is achieved, by shortening the moment arm, you can stiffen the roll stiffness rate, and by elongating the moment arm, you can even soften the rate.

So what good is an ARB that keeps the factory roll stiffness?  Our design utilizes a high-strength stainless steel, so we were able to utilize a tubular design with a very aggressive wall thickness.  Due to the material, we are able to make the entire assembly (including our aluminum end links) as pictured about 4 lbs.  This makes it the lightest ARB on the market. Another key design feature we’re utilizing is that the blades are separate, so if a different rate is desired, we can make custom bars that can be quickly and easily swapped out.


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