Dear Boston

We are deeply moved by the events that occurred and want to offer our condolences.  You will be in our thoughts.

To the American people: please stay strong and try to keep a level head.  We must stick together, help one another, and be patient with each other.  Please do not be quick to panic or point the finger finding someone to blame.  Let’s wait together, in unity, until we have all the facts before we rush to judgement.  The world is watching; let’s not spread the stereotype of “Americans” and show the world we can evolve and overcome.

To the world: America thanks you for your support.  Please take time to hold onto your friends and family.  We humans only have each other; we’re all on the same ship.

Times like these opens up your eyes and shows you what is really important in life.  It really does make what we do, here at Hancha, seem trivial in comparison.  We hope everyone stays healthy and stays safe.


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