Splitter Mock Up

Thanks to our decision to use domestic suppliers, we get incredible turnaround time on our parts.  I ordered this mock up template on Tuesday, received in on Thursday.  Even I was shocked to see such them fill an order so fast.  The supplier has vast experience in building products for NASCAR, IndyCar, and Grand-Am, and now I see why.

This is a mock up the splitter currently

IMG_8207From a top view

IMG_8210The front edge was a bit short so it will be further out in the production model.

This is the first Hancha project that both Paul and I have collaborated on.  Paul being in Indianapolis, is doing CFD testings while I, being in Chicago, have been taking the physical dimensions for packaging purposes.  The final product will be made of composite Polypropylene plastic.  This is a sample of the material

IMG_8211We have chosen to make our splitter out of this material for a few reasons:

1. It’s stiffness-to-weight ratio is phenomenal.  For the same mass, it is 18% stiffer than carbon fiber
2. It’s light.  It’s density is .78 g/cc, less than half of that of carbon fiber.
3. It’s tough.  So tough, it can be used as ballistic armor.  It also doesn’t splinter or shatter like carbon fiber.
4. It’s resistant to abrasion.  It wears similarly to aramids.
5. It’s easily machinable.  It allows us to put recessed holes to keep mounting fasteners out of the clean air stream.
6. It’s fully recyclable.  Since the material is made purely of plastic, if and when it breaks, if the part is no longer salvageable, you can place the material in the recycling bin.  This helps reduce waste energy.
7. It’s (relatively) cheap.  It is about a tenth of the price of carbon fiber.
8. It’s a proven material. NASCAR, IndyCar, and Grand-Am cars use this material for various purposes (splitter, skid plate, etc).
9. It looks cool.

This is why we have chosen this material.  We are firm believers that this is currently the best material available on the market to produce splitters.


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