Mission + Values

Formed in 2012 based on the idea that motorsports can be more than entertainment; it can be a beacon used to improve the world for all.

Our mission is to continually create a brighter future by educating the world and improving the environment for future generations.

Our first responsibility is to the driver, team, and all other individuals who may come into contact with our products and services.  Automobiles are inherently dangerous and we must always keep their safety in mind.  We must always strive to improve the vehicle’s performance without compromising the safety of the driver, crew, or spectators.

Our second responsibility is to our staff.  Without their individual talents, we cannot improve.  Our staff must feel free and secure in making suggestions and complaints so we can continue to improve.  We must provide them with a clean, orderly, and safe working environment.  In return, we expect all staff to act fairly and ethically.

Our third responsibility is to the environment in which we operate.  The planet has a finite level of resources; it is our duty to find ways to use these resources responsibly.  Time moves ever forward, so we must strive to create a better future, in the present, based on past experience.  In today’s global village, we do not operate in a closed environment.  Therefore, we must be thoughtful and operate ethically to create a better environment for all.

Our fourth responsibility is to our clients.  Without them, we cannot exist.  The client is always right, but there are good and bad clients.  Our goal is to work with the best clients and in turn, we will offer the best possible solutions.  We will not provide solutions that are not in the best interest of the clients in order to profit.  We want to create meaningful, lasting, and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.

Our final responsibility is to motorsports.  We believe we can use the platform to find solutions to help the world in meaningful ways, so we must never take actions that will endanger the sport.  Therefore, it is our duty to continually nurture it, grow it, and use it to help not only our clients, but the world.


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