Our Team

Earl Han, Founder and CEO, is an IUPUI alum, with a bachelors in Motorsports Engineering from IUPUI.  He has previously worked in the aftermarket industry and wanted to help improve the buying experience.  He has experience in Time Attack and SCCA racing.  He has patents pending on a passive drag reduction system wing design and composite harmonic damper.  He is currently a systems engineer for a major automaker.

Paul Lucas, Co-Founder and CTO, is an IUPUI alum, having his bachelors in Motorsports Engineering.  He has experience in racing working as a consultant at a top NHRA drag racing team and has had his work published in an engineering journal. He currently is a design engineer at a local racing manufacturer.  Having learned from an F1 Chief Aerodynamic Engineer, he specializes in aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics and led the analysis of Earl’s passive drag reduction wing design. Along with CFD, he has vast knowledge on finite element analysis and heat transfer.

Jimmy Rhim, Co-Founder and CFO, was one of the early financial backers.  With a background in marketing and logistics, he has been an investor and financial asset.

Hoeun Kim, Co-Founder and President, a long-time friend and a major financial backer of the company.  With a degree in Economics from the University of Iowa and background in sales, he was a natural fit for the company.  He handles to the day-to-day operations.

Zach Alfred, Electrical Engineer, Earl’s former roommate, and an IUPUI Motorsports Engineering Student.  Zach was the lead DAG (data acquisition guy) and is the current lead electrical engineer for an IndyCar team.

Lawrence Maligaya, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer.  A graduate of MIT, Lawrence has experience in complex surface design, machining, and lean manufacturing.  Lawrence’s skill sets make him a great asset to Hancha.

Hancha Group also has a wide network of friends that reaches into F1, ALMS/Grand-Am, IndyCar, NASCAR, SCCA, and OEMs.


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