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Hancha BRZ/FR-S/GT86 Front Bumper Design

Lawrence has been hard at work to get started on our front bumper design.  This is what he’s done so far.  This is not a final design, we are going to keep tweaking the aesthetic, then run it in OpenFoam to get the results, then tweak it a bit more based on our results.

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Splitter Mock Up

Thanks to our decision to use domestic suppliers, we get incredible turnaround time on our parts.  I ordered this mock up template on Tuesday, received in on Thursday.  Even I was shocked to see such them fill an order so fast.  The supplier has vast experience in building products for NASCAR, IndyCar, and Grand-Am, and now I see why.

This is a mock up the splitter currently

IMG_8207From a top view

IMG_8210The front edge was a bit short so it will be further out in the production model.

This is the first Hancha project that both Paul and I have collaborated on.  Paul being in Indianapolis, is doing CFD testings while I, being in Chicago, have been taking the physical dimensions for packaging purposes.  The final product will be made of composite Polypropylene plastic.  This is a sample of the material

IMG_8211We have chosen to make our splitter out of this material for a few reasons:

1. It’s stiffness-to-weight ratio is phenomenal.  For the same mass, it is 18% stiffer than carbon fiber
2. It’s light.  It’s density is .78 g/cc, less than half of that of carbon fiber.
3. It’s tough.  So tough, it can be used as ballistic armor.  It also doesn’t splinter or shatter like carbon fiber.
4. It’s resistant to abrasion.  It wears similarly to aramids.
5. It’s easily machinable.  It allows us to put recessed holes to keep mounting fasteners out of the clean air stream.
6. It’s fully recyclable.  Since the material is made purely of plastic, if and when it breaks, if the part is no longer salvageable, you can place the material in the recycling bin.  This helps reduce waste energy.
7. It’s (relatively) cheap.  It is about a tenth of the price of carbon fiber.
8. It’s a proven material. NASCAR, IndyCar, and Grand-Am cars use this material for various purposes (splitter, skid plate, etc).
9. It looks cool.

This is why we have chosen this material.  We are firm believers that this is currently the best material available on the market to produce splitters.

Aero Updates

After a few long nights of solving and troubleshooting, Paul was finally able to complete the splitter design for Team NLS/Pure Precision’s GTI.

splitter_referenceWith this setup, the aero balance is 51:49 front-to-rear.  The CFD says that the setup will also  make in excess of 650 lbs of downforce at 100 MPH.

We also have a Single Element Wing Version 2 ready for order.  The wing utilizes a pre-preg carbon skin, with a rod and spar core, to make it highly modular.  The wing span can be up to 72″ and mounting points can be located as desired.


Fruits of Labor


Here is an excellent shot of AJ Gillette’s BRZ sporting Hancha toe links. I’d like to personally thank AJ for allowing us to use his BRZ as our test mule.  A few hiccups aside, the toe link fitment is spectacular and we have heard nothing but positive performance reviews from AJ.

This is just a fraction of what we will offer for the BRZ/FR-S. Stay tuned as we continue to upgrade more parts (just kidding AJ… but seriously.)

New Partnership

Now that the paperwork has been finalized, we are happy to announce Hancha has partnered up with Team NLS for the One Lap of America.


NSFW is running a Mk. V VW GTI.  The car makes about 500 whp, with a full sequential gearbox.  For Team NLS, Paul will be doing CFD analysis of their rear wing’s effectiveness as well as designing a front splitter to tune the aero balance.  Paul has started cleaning up the solid model from a model of the OEM car.

cad_beginning_model_cleaned_simplifiedSo all you southeast guys, keep an eye out for the car later this year!

Single Element Wing – Update

Single Element Rear Wing

The design is complete on the single element wing and we are currently getting quotes for the manufacturing.  The endplates have been optimized and all data collected. Below is the data collected from the 15 CFD runs at different angles of attack.

Type: Incompressible steady-state

Turbulence model: k-omega SST

Velocity: 100 mph




We should have a prototype soon! I am very excited to get this on a BRZ / FRS