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Interior Parts Coming Soon

First, parts for the BRZ/FR-S/GT86.  A replacement AT paddle shifter

PaddleThe paddle will be 40 mm taller overall, 25 on the top side and 15 on the bottom.  The bottom can not be made any taller without running into the cruise control stalk.  However, this should still be large enough to be able to shift with your hands at the 2 and 10 o’clock position or 5 and 7 o’clock position.  If we can reuse the OEM electronic box, we will have a core exchange program.  If we cannot reuse the OEM electronic box, we will make a custom box, and try to create an adjustable spring tension system for those who want to a heavier shift feel and would like to customize it to their preference.

Paddle Shifter

We are also making two shift knobs: a Delrin piece

Tall Shift KnobIt will be 90 mm tall, 50 mm in diameter, and weigh about 200 g (roughly the same as stock).  The other shift knob is a titanium piece:

Ball Shift KnobIt will be about 55 mm tall, 50 mm in diameter, and weigh about 215 g (slightly heavier).  We were also commissioned to create a SR20DET to E30 swap tach signal converter.  We were going to use an off-the-shelf enclosures but they were all too large for our liking

picture137Unhappy with this solution, we are creating a custom enclosure.  The part will be made of billet aluminum, with a machined down bread board, Deutsch motorsport connectors with flying leads.  This is a rendering of what it what Zach is thinking of making

SRE enclosureThis makes for a much smaller, more robust part.